About Poker at
The District

The District Poker is the largest and best known venue for poker in SA. Located on Level 1 of SkyCity Adelaide, come and play a few hands at the District. Open 7pm till late Tuesday to Thursday, 5pm till late on Fridays and 2pm till late on Saturdays.

Adelaide has a rich poker history and was responsible for introducing Texas Hold’em to Australia’s shores more than twenty years ago. Adelaide is still regarded by many as the ‘Traditional Home of Australian Poker’.

Take a seat at any one of our many poker tables and test your luck, or skill @ The District Poker.

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Playing at
the District

The District Poker is located on the north western corner of level 1 @ The District.

The District Poker offers two ways of playing poker – tournaments and ‘cash’ or ‘ring’ games. The basic difference between the two is that players may get up and leave a cash game anytime they like but will need to play a tournament out to a conclusion to win a prize.

Trading Hours:

Monday – Closed
Tuesday 7pm – Late
Wednesday 7pm – Late
Thursday 7pm – Late
Friday 5pm – Late
Saturday 2pm – Late
Sunday – Closed

Cash games

Cash games are played with chips that are redeemable for cash. Players may put their name down for a cash game at the The District Poker from thirty minutes prior to opening. Players may join in straight away or be sent an SMS if they are on a waiting list.

No Limit Texas Hold’em:

  • Blinds 2/2
  • Buy in $ 50 – $300
  • Blinds 2/5
  • Buy in $150 – $800

Pot Limit Omaha:

  • Blinds 1/3
  • Buy in $100 – $300


No Limit Texas Hold’ em tournaments take place in The District Poker each Tuesday with buy-ins starting at $200. Registration for all poker tournaments is via The District Poker Cashier, located next to The District Poker on level one.

Get in to SkyCity to play the biggest game in town with:

  • $10,000 guaranteed prize pool
  • $200 buy-in ($165 prize pool contribution. $35 SkyCity Adelaide fee)
  • 20-minute blind levels
  • $30,000 starting stack
  • $5,000 early bird bonus for players seated at the beginning of the first hand

$100 Freeze Out tournaments on Thursday nights:

  • Freeze Out
  • $100 buy-in ($80 prize pool contribution. $20 SkyCity Adelaide fee)
  • 15-minute blind levels
  • $20,000 starting stack

Poker Jackpots

You must be present at 11pm to claim your prize.

The District Poker Jackpot stands at $33,172.44

Make a Royal Flush on any eligible table to win up to 100% of the Poker jackpot!

Current as of 30/06/2024. Odds of winning the top tier Royal Flush jackpot is 0.000154%.

Highest Hand Bonus

We are giving away $250 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week to the highest hand before 11pm. Simply play our hold'em cash tables the best hand wins

Hand must use both hole cards and must be the highest hand possible of the board to qualify.